Year 7 Re-enrolment forms

Hi Parents & Caregivers,
Planning for 2020 classes has begun, so re-enrolment forms have been sent home with the children and emailed to you. 
Please return these by Monday 9th September. Thanks you so much to those parents who have done so already.
Thanks again in advance, Mrs Kim Whitehead :)

Senior Assembly - Term 2 Week 8

It was a pleasure to award the following students with class certificates in today's Senior Assembly.

Looks like ice-cream all round tonight!

Mahi for the time and effort you have put into your Dream Garden Mathematical Rich Task. You showed a clear understanding of all our learning intentions.

Liba for the attention to detail you have showed when creating your 'Autumn Leaves' Kiwi Art work.

Buddy Class

Last week we went and saw our buddy class. This week our focus was on Reading. Room 32 had set out their goals for the lesson and what they wanted to achieve. What Room 21 really liked about this was they even had questions that we could ask them to support them with their reading and how to help them be a better reader.  It was a very rewarding lesson together.

Creative Writing - The Twelve Doors

This week for writing we are tapping into our imaginations....

We are imagining that we are standing in front of twelve doors. Behind one there is a fabulous treasure. Behind the others are eleven of the most dangerous things in the world. We are going to draw and describe what lies behind each one.

We planned our ideas collaboratively and have begun drawing what lies behind each of our twelve doors. Then we will use adjectives, verbs, similes and metaphors to describe the objects. We are so engaged in this learning and listening to each others ideas has been really valuable to us developing our own.

Year 7/8 Transition Afternoon

Today our Year 6 Syndicate got to 'walk in the shoes of a Marina View Intermediate Student'.

All the children will have the opportunity to participate in a range of exciting learning activities to give them a chance to experience what it will be like in our Intermediate department next year.

Room 21 split up into our two teams and went to either 3D Printing and Te Reo Maori or Physical Education and 3D Printing.

The date of our next transition is to be confirmed, but the children will experience activities such as Science, Dance, Mandarin and Food Technology.

Senior Assembly Term 2 Week 4

It was a pleasure to award the following students with class certificates in today's Senior Assembly.

Looks like ice-cream all round tonight!

Marceline for your positive attitude towards learning. Your enthusiasm, focus and organisation make you an absolute pleasure to teach. 

Lucy for the effort you always put into your learning. You always complete your work on time and to the best of you ability.

And a special congratulations to our Student Teacher, Mr Nayler, for all the hard work he has been doing with our class. We are extremely privileged to have you working with us.

Team Oldham Values Assembly

As a team, every fortnight we recognise children who have been displaying active learner qualities inside and outside the classroom (e.g. organised, focused, show time management skills, asks questions, takes responsibility for their learning, shares their valuable ideas in discussions).

Each term we also focus on at least two important values. This term we are looking at how we can manage ourselves. This means we make sure we are organised for our learning, we know what to include in our learning tasks and ask questions to check we are on the right track and we complete our learning on time and to a high standard.

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded certificates for their positive attitudes towards learning in the past two weeks.
Active Learner Award: Cassandra  Self-Management: Justin & Aria