Library Quiz

We are so lucky to have Mrs Munro in our library on Friday and this term she has organised an inter-class quiz challenge. Each week the Year 6 classes compete against each other in a variety of quiz topics. Last week it was all about books, books, books!  And this week it was an interesting and challenging geography quiz.

Check out these photos of us working collaboratively in our groups on today's quiz ;)

Persuasive Writing - Collaborative Planning

This week in Writing we have begun our focus on Persuasive texts. We have 'picked apart' a model exemplar to ensure we understand what needs to be included in our writing to make it a persuasive text.

As a class, we decided to write a persuasive piece 'That Children Should Have Less Screen Time'. ;)

We got into groups using our shuffle cards (to ensure we work with a variety of children throughout the year) and planned our ideas together. We love collaborative planning as everyone has a pen and is writing their ideas on the sheet. There are no 'Passengers' in Room 21.

Class Treaty

We have looked at what qualities we believe an active learner should have and what we think a 'Great Classmate' is, does, says, and does not.

We constructed a Treaty together as a class which we signed (with a creative handprint) to ensure we are always a 'Great Classmate'. It s important that we all feel supported in Room 21 and can identify the ways in which we can contribute to a happy and positive learning environment.

Maths - Back to Back Stem and Leaf Graphs

Today our learning in Maths was all around how to present and interpret data in a Back to Back Stem and Leaf graph, We discussed a model example and then created our own Back to back stem and leaf graph to show our understanding.

We chose to investigate how long it takes the children in Room 21 to do their hair ;) and we had some interesting results ;)

We collected the raw data into a table, which we then used to create a back to back stem and leaf graph to compare the boys to the girls.

Here are some photos of us collecting our data.

Abstract Art

In Art we have been looking at self portraits. We thought it would be interesting to create some Abstract self portraits. Here are some photos of us working thorough the art process. Please pop in sometime and check out our Art Gallery quality pieces hanging on display.


In Reading, we are focusing on making connections. W are learning to think about what is happening in the text and what connections we can make to the emotions, situations or characters in the story.

Today we started reading the text (chosen by the students) with our buddy. The children had questions to discuss at the end of each page and it was pleasing to hear the in-depth conversations some buddies were having.

Throughout the week, the children will come to workshops to support them with their skill of making connections.

Check out these photos below of us reading and discussing aspects of the text to deepen our understanding.

Maths Art - Fractions

Earlier in the term we looked at how we can make shapes using fractions of circle. By cutting a circle into halves, quarters or eights, we can make a range of creative shapes.

We used these shapes to make a creative design for our Maths title page.

Check out the photos below of us creating our unique shapes. If you're passing by the classroom sometime, feel free to have a look at your child's creation.